AliExpress Shipping Time — how long does it take? (2021 Guide)

AliExpress Shipping Time — how long does it take? (2021 Guide)

April 23, 2021

Aliexpress shipping time Shipping is a major process for online shopping and business in general. 

With that being said, more merchants want to receive adequate information about AliExpress shipping time.

There are frustrated dropshippers, especially on some Reddit threads:

aliexpress shipping time - reddit thread

In this article, we are going to talk about a topic so important that we decided to answer some frequently asked questions from clients about AliExpress shipping time and more to come such as:

  • How long does it take to ship from China?
  • How long does AliExpress take to ship?
  • What is the average shipping time from China to US?
  • How long does a package take to arrive from China?
  • What is AliExpress extend processing time?
  • What about AliExpress fast shipping?

Of course, as we dive deeper into the topic, we will answer these and more questions on AliExpress delivery time, Alibaba shipment, AliExpress UK, AliExpress Mexico,  information about the sellers shipping method,  and details about selling items like cheap AliExpress hair or bin AliExpress for cheaper prices.

With our previous experience and having ordered some items such as AliExpress dies and stamps in the past and some of the written above, we are going to dissect AliExpress shipping time and give you detailed information on prices, how long does it take to ship from China, and answer miscellaneous Alibaba shipping methods questions.

How long does shipping from China take?

As you may already know, most sellers are sending packages from China. It’s good to know that and also keep a decent tracking of your delivery along the way.

In most cases, the tracking details you will be shown will refer to China as the “country of origin” but there are exceptions of suppliers that are not based there.

How long does AliExpress take to deliver?

Well, that is going to vary according to what plan you are using. We have used all plans available in the past:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • FedEx
  • SunYou Economic Air Mail
  • ePacket

As we mentioned earlier, we have experience with purchasing different items such as cheap AliExpress hair, AliExpress dies and stamps, and other home products like bins. We know a thing or two about the AlieXpress shipping time, too. 

Now let’s see every shipping method, information on how long to ship from China, specifically what is China to USA shipping time and costs of the process.

AliExpress Standard Shipping

This is one of the preferred methods by people. It is also the cheapest and there are options on AliExpress to be FREE of costs, which is great for customers.

It will usually take from 15 to 45 working days to deliver your package if you use the plan. 

To some people, this may seem like a long period but if the goods you are receiving are not urgent it will be great on your wallet, as it is a cheap method to get your items securely.

AliExpress standard shipping may take longer to deliver, about two or three weeks but in most cases, the delivery is free of charge and you get your items days before the final deadline.


When we talk about FedEx and AliExpress, then that means premium delivery. You can expect lightning-fast periods to deliver your goods.

FedEx will cut down the time by half and more from 7 to 15 days.

Of course, this comes with its prices, which is one of the highest as of now.

Costs for delivery can get above $20, which is fine for a service executed so fast. There are partners of ours that receive some orders in the range of 3 to 5 days after purchase.

SunYou Economic Air Mail

As you can see here, SunYou Economic Air Mail is preferred by many people and offers shipping for AliExpress from about 15 to 35 days.

All items should be below 2kg to get shipped with it, so it is suitable for stamps, jewelry, and light items.

Using ePacket

It’s known that ePacket is also one of the most popular AliExpress shipping methods.

It is affordable, reaches clients faster, and depending on what items are purchased can be free on some occasions. It can help with making a stronger profit off the whole deal.

According to its source and delivery policy, it takes between 16 and 28 days for items to be delivered using ePacket.

As an overall package choice, ePacket might be the winner, but again, it depends on the demands of clients and if they have purchased with Standard shipping for free, then it is all good news.

What is the best Aliexpress shipping method?

It all comes to personal preference and what is the purpose of the particular order. If you want FedEx to bring your goods fast and do not care about the shopping cost, then go with it.

But if you are looking to cut costs and the shipping time is not the main factor in your case, you can always pick the standard AliExpress shipping time.

If you are a merchant and want to ship faster to your clients then you can go with ePacket or AliExpress Standard Shipping.

Both ways do not require long periods in most cases and the package will come with reasonable prices for delivery.

These are fine options to choose from and are perfect for items that are purchased from AliExpress.

You can enter “My Aliexpress” account, purchase, and try them out later in the process.

If any delays are occurring later, you can always use the AliExpress order phone number for questions but we do suggest tracking down your delivery with a proficient last mile carrier app that will ease off the anxiety.

Why does Amazon take so long to ship?

Amazon, as we know it, is a giant in providing all kinds of products to customers all over the world.

Unlike AliExpress or Alibaba, here you can sell almost anything and you have items crossing all over the world to get to their final destination.

Also, some are bigger than others and can break easily, some are tech, others are collections, well everything you can think of.

If you are a Prime member you can expect your order to come in about 5 days according to information from Amazon.

In such cases, when there is prolonged delivery, you need a branded tracking page app that will give on-time details on what is going on with the purchase.

Why is Alibaba Shipping so expensive?

There are multiple threads on why is Alibaba so expensive, especially this one on Reddit.

Even from China to Australia or Europe, there might be some “bulk” prices when it comes to paying for shipping.

If you are using Alibaba shipping to US, then you might know if you are purchasing more items then the shipment will cost according to what the delivery is.

Some people want to know how long does it take to ship from China to California and this is a tough answer to give, even for the company itself.

They claim that most delivery deadlines are ranging from 10 to 15 up to 30 days and in this period you can expect your delivery to come.

It depends on the type of delivery if it is coming by air or is it by sea. These methods and processes apply for the AliExpress shipping time. 

So, to ask the question “How long is shipping from China gonna take?” as most people do sometimes can be a tricky one because you can never know the exact time of delivery if you are not provided a precise tracking software for the job.

Alibaba shipping costs to US and Alibaba shipping time

As you can see in the table below, here are the prices for Alibaba shipping costs to US depending on shipment volume (Weight/kg).

AliExpress shipping time - costs table

So, what about Alibaba shipping time?

  • It takes between 1 and 2 weeks to receive regular post from China to USA
  • It takes around 3 days to get it from air express freight
  • It takes around 1 day to receive from air freight option
  • And it takes the longest to receive it from ocean freight — about 30 and 40 days

That can be said in a nutshell about the shipment from China to US time.

It gets easier for customers to keep track of their delivery, especially for the ones that rely on China to US periods.

According to Oberlo shipping time can be tackled in many efficient ways, some of which you may find useful in the following link.

Do not forget that the AliExpress processing time is from 1 to 5 days before starting to count the days on your order to come.

Check the “My AliExpress” account regularly and make sure you read all messages and notifications that will be sent after you purchase.

In what packages AliExpress items are coming in?

f your packages are coming from FedEx, then you might as well have a logo on the package.

Most of them are plastic and are wrapped in a way for the items to not get damaged, which is pretty obvious.

If you are using ePacket for example, you can expect plain, unbranded packaging.

However, let’s not stray away from our main topic — AliExpress shipping time.

We gave answers to some of the most pivotal and frequently asked questions for the topic. Now you know how long does it take to ship from China, Alibaba shipping methods, why is Alibaba shipping so expensive, why does Amazon takes so long to ship, and ways for AliExpress fast shipping.

Now, let us answer the big question and have a final approach to the AliExpress shipping time situation.

Is AliExpress Standard Shipping worth it?

Absolutely!  Standard shipping can give ultimate quality delivery to customers, despite the AliExpress shipping time is longer. 

Make sure you allow them to reap the benefits of additional apps such as delivery notifications while they wait on it.

AliExpress also offers one of the best pricing options for purchasing in the world. Some would argue that this might be Amazon, but the truth is told, AliExPress puts some of the best Chinese retailers in one place, most items are cheap and the competition is stiff.

Yes, it’s simple math here.

When you offer lower prices people might be keener on the additional AliExpress processing time and prolonged shipment from China to US time.

Including the desired information about China to US shipping time and keeping clients updated constantly will ease off any hard feelings during the wait.

 Remember that shipping can take up to 4 weeks and be expensive.

Also, a lot of online stores do not offer express shipping, so going with the AliExpress standard shipping rather than AliExpress fast shipping is a step to make if you want to save some extra cash.

As a new online store or even if you are in the business for a couple of years, you can’t compete with giants like Amazon, for example.

Make sure you focus on another element as well, the core of all deliveries — that is the product.

Offer high-quality products and build long-term relationships with customers. This is how you build equity and trust.

People want to get their package safe and secure and when they choose your shop over a big competitor, this means you have to work hard to meet expectations.

Even if the product doesn’t come fast enough, you should make sure you preserve the quality promised when people made the purchase. That is pivotal.

It is better to get the job done and make the shopping experience feel seamless than hurrying up to deliver it and miss something essential along the way.

Also, people do love FREE deliveries. If you are going to deliver, you should make sure you have this option along with other ones, because the majority of purchasers, no matter their age would love the free delivery.

People do know that AliExpress or Alibaba shipping methods that are free are slower than paid ones. They are okay with the fact that they may wait for a couple of weeks to get the product, event months.

Make sure that the AliExpress free shipping method is worth the wait. It’s up to you and how well you manage your store, sending packages, and keeping relationships with carriers.

AliExpress Standard Shipping is good for your online store

Yes, having a track on AliExpress shipping time and including the standard version on your online store is crucial as more and more people would prefer to take the free road to get their package delivered.

Of course, we pointed out that they will wait longer but with having other apps and tools to keep them updated on the status of the order, everything would turn out fine.

Not paying for AliExpress premium shipping can add more benefits for you as a merchant and to customers, too.

Of course, some clients would want their order to get faster because they do not care about pricing but you should get more into your audience, learn their habits and offer the best possible solutions when it comes to delivery.

After all, the point is to turn people into happy customers so they prefer your brand over time and come to buy from you again. 

Conclusion on AliExpress Shipping Time

Working freely with AliExpress shipping methods or Alibaba shipping methods allows you to run a successful online business that can stand the tests of time.

Get to know all specifications of the delivery services, prices, what offers to customers, and what offers for you and make a strategy to use it to make a bigger profit.

After all, isn’t this the ultimate goal of all merchants?

One of the most accurate ways to know about prices, shipping times from China to USA or any other part of the world is to test it before you apply it to your store.

Make sure you try out what costs are present when you purchase a different type of goods, weight prices, additional boxes, packaging prices, and faster delivery.

When you get a glimpse of that and know how to adjust all specifications to your business, then you would not worry about AliExpress shipping time, as your customers will have the options on your store and will choose among them.

Expect some items to come earlier than expected and some to come later, learn the differences in timelines when it comes to using air freight and sea freight for delivery purposes.

Getting more into the niche and products you are selling you can soon enough calculate which prices and timing are beneficial for you and use them as a part of the shopping experience.

AliExpress shipping is great if you want to build your long-term business strategy, you just have to know the terms, hacks and costs. 

It is up to you how well you are going to execute your ideas, make a plan to profit off of every sale, and create value for your clients and yourself.

Selling online is not an easy task, especially with the competition these days.

Go through the information suppliers are providing about the AliExpress shipping time. Study the shortcomings and strong sides of different plans and find the best for your business situation at the moment. 

But again, it is a business model you can master as you get deeper into the process — it is fun,  competitive and you should learn the price of a dollar because cutting costs on shipment and delivery is beneficial on all terms.

Georgi Kondev is a copywriter and SEO specialist @ Rush — the most versatile Shopify Shipment Software. He is passionate about delivering outstanding copy and bringing real results to the table.

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