How a Guaranteed Safe Checkout can increase your conversions?

How a Guaranteed Safe Checkout can increase your conversions?

February 9, 2021

Online merchants face multiple difficulties every day online and one of the most poignant is to see abandoned shopping carts of customers. 

It happens to everyone, you would suggest. Yes, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Can this tendency be reversed and make sure more clients finish their purchase? Can we provide guarantee seals that are going to give more comfort to people? 

The answer is: “Absolutely!”

guaranteed safe checkout -

Source: TrustLock

A guaranteed safe checkout is needed to be present in all online purchases.

By allowing this and showing that your online shop is trusted by multiple regulations you can multiply your sales and skyrocket your conversion rates.

It is no secret that all clients want a safe and secure checkout when they finish with their purchase.

It does not matter if the situation needs a PayPal verified badge, Shopify trust seal, other trust logos like the ones from Google, a security badge logo, a money-back guarantee seal, and many others.

It is not only enough to have such a web badge if your overall service, product, or checkout process is not made seamless. Shopify badges are important in all purchases made nowadays.

Having a Shopify secure checkout and an SSL badge will increase the percentage of people staying in your shop longer and purchase afterward.

According to multiple studies that are following the online market and how shops are executing their services and products to people, more than 15% to 20% of clients are keen on abandoning their purchase if something with the security badges and trust icons doesn’t seem right.

Whether we are talking about an SSL badge, a PayPal verified seal, trust seals for Shopify, or a money-back guarantee badge, one thing is for sure — the service provided should build trust and comfort while purchasing. It sounds simple, isn’t it?

In the current article, we will talk exactly about that —keeping your commerce trust high and providing a seamless post-purchase notification experience that will grow your conversion rates and revenue.

There are many great options with security badges for sale, so why don’t you use them to make a profit?

What does the “Trust Badge” term stand for?

As you can guess from the term itself, a trust badge is pretty self-explanatory. Some refer to them as trust icons, trust logos, a web badge, a safe checkout badge, or just a “seal badge”.

The meaning behind them, of course, is one: their presence is here to build up commerce trust and make clients feel comfortable when purchasing from an online store.

That’s also applying to the main function of all varieties of security badges for sale. 

The process of getting a safe checkout badge might not be too hard at all. There are different platforms like Shopify that work with the services of PayPal and other companies that make online payment possible.

Another pivotal step is to have an SSL badge which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, which is a part of a more complex system that assures the website is updated with all needed certifications for Internet safety and sharing information.

There are free trust badges of that kind available on Cloudflare as well. 

Most of them are trust badges png files that are implemented in the outlook of the online store.

In more common cases, they are placed near the checkout process and they vary from trust icons, boost logos, Shopify badges, a Norton trust seal, a PayPal badge, a black and white secure checkout badge among other often used security badges.

There are also free trust badges available for adding up on the store but you have to apply for some terms and conditions before using them.

Different types of Security Badges

Depending on your online shop and your goals you can decide with which safe checkout badge to go on.

Whether it is a Shopify security badge, Norton trust seal, a PayPal badge, or including an SSL badge you should make sure that the trust badge png file is ready to be uploaded on your site.

Remember, a security badge png file is not always a free one. There are multiple security badges for sale. Likewise, some package tracking apps have the power to calm the client while he is waiting for delivery.

We will show some of the most pivotal ones and ways to acquire them for your online shop.

Source: KindPNG

Starting with the Safe Checkout Badge

The most important of them all, the guarantee for quality and safe shopping is this one — the safe checkout badge.

A good trust badges transparent background is all you need to start with.  Later in the process, you can look to offer a free shipping badge that not only builds commerce trust but can exceed conversion rates abruptly.

All trust logos including the safe checkout badge should be high-quality files. Make no exceptions with that. 

Security badges like these make sure you understand that the checkout process in the online shop is safe and the shared information is encrypted. 

Use only the most trusted sources of security badges. When a client sees your safe checkout badge, it should feel like a natural process of relief and overall commerce trust in your product, business, and cause.

Let’s give an example with PayPal.

You can easily get your seal badge and be 100% sure that is legitimate.

paypal secure badges

Source: PNGKey

Another great example is the trust seal Shopify one. When you have and put in use a Shopify security badge you allow your clients to see that all payment is secure and their card data is transferred in the safest way possible.

Source: PNGFind

All the trust seals for Shopify can do a lot to give customers the utmost quality when shopping and no need to hesitate and abandon right before clicking “Purchase”.

Shopify badges include a PayPal badge as an indicator that it is possible to proceed with paying with your Paypal account.

Also, you can add a black and white secure checkout badge to ensure clients that they are provided with 100% quality service every time they decide to buy from your shop.

So, now you are wondering: “How to add trust badges to Shopify?”

Well, the truth be told it is a game of copy and paste but you might need a specialist if you are not advanced enough to implement the code to “Files” in your Shopify store account.

Do not worry if you can’t put a trust seal Shopify right away. If you are in a hurry, you can always find a freelancer or a teammate who has implemented a Shopify trust seal in the past and help you.

After that, you are all set to go with security badges.  Do not forget the SSL badge and that security badges for sale are available updating them on your shop is for good.

Putting the trust badge png on the right spot below the “Add to Cart” section can do wonders with clients and the way they purchase from your shop.  This also applies to having a PayPal badge.

You can see how to add trust badges to Shopify in the following link. You can do this and provide a full trust seal Shopify experience to your customers.

Focus on safe checkout badge solutions, quality shipment notifications, and faster delivery.

 After all, a Shopify secure checkout is the goal, isn’t it?

Of course, after the paid versions of a seal badge, there are free trust badges you can use for your online shop.

As we talked about the trust seal Shopify version, the PayPal badge and Norton secured badge earlier, now it is time to explore some SSL free trust badges such as Cloudflare and FlyWheel.

Do not forget that having a safe checkout badge with brands like the ones above is crucial, as not only people but engines are recognizing their trustworthiness and this can be only beneficial in many ways.

Along with the Shopify trust seal and the PayPal badge, you can add multiple Shopify badges to exceed commerce trust in your customers.

Upload only high-resolution trust icons so all of your clients may see them without any hassle and wondering. 

Most trust seals for Shopify and security badges for sale are as high-quality as they are supposed to be.

You already know how to add trust badges to Shopify, so be “alert” of the “free” ones.

Be more conscious of the free trust badges or using a black and white secure checkout badge because there may be problems with the quality depending on the fact that they are “free of charge”.

Accepted Payment Safe Checkout Badge

We mentioned this earlier in the article but clients love to see brands that are known to the public and are easy to recognize.

When it comes to trust seals for Shopify, the “trust icons” next to or below the button of “Add to Cart” are a must.

Here we are not talking about SSL badge types but the ones that include the trust logos of Visa, VPay, Mastercard as well.

People can see a PayPal badge everywhere they turn Visa or Mastercard ones too. Add these next to your Shopify badges or next to your black and white secure checkout badge and you are guaranteed success in growing your conversion rates.

Putting free trust badges or paid ones, you must be sure that they are well-known to the customers. Some people consider PayPal to be the most trusted sources, others will stick to Norton secured badge to see before purchasing.

One thing is for sure, brand recognition matters. The study made by ConversionXL is giving a broad look at the whole situation.  

A seal badge can speak a thousand words, no matter if it is the trust seal Shopify example, free trust badges, or multiple other security badges for sale.

Imagine how astonishing a Visa badge, a Shopify trust seal badge, an SSL badge on your website and a black and white secure checkout badge would look.

It is the formula for incoming success and high conversion rates.  You can make it a reality by implementing your safe checkout badge the proper way.

By doing this you are not only increasing the overall commerce trust of customers but during the process, you can learn how to add trust badges to Shopify if you are doing it yourself.

Third-Party Endorsements

These types of trust logos can help a lot with creating trust in clients when they shop from your online store.

Some of the most known free trust badges you can get are from Google.  Younger generations are keen to trust the search engine and how it rates online shops because as of 2021 Google is the leading engine in the world.

That tendency will rise at least for the next decade, so trusting the most advanced search engine and rating platform on the Internet is the right way to go. 

The process is pretty simple. Customers start to receive surveys and answering questions on how was the shopping experience. After some data is gathered, Google grants the store some of its free trust badges.

Imagine having this seal badge and a branded tracking page for your brand. It is pretty incredible.

Receiving a seal badge from Google is a big deal. Consider it when you put up your highlights along with your black and white secure checkout badge and Shopify secure badge.

To be honest, here, you do not only need the usual suspect badges such as Shopify trust seal, SSL badge, black and white secure checkout badge, PayPal seal badge but you have to include the one that more than 173 million people are searching per year on the Internet.  We are talking about BBB.

Source: Yieldify

The Better Business Bureau Accredited Badge can increase the trustworthiness of your online shop by miles.  For more information and how the process works to get the BBB  safe checkout badge you can learn on

Adding Free Trust Badges

Free trust badges are considered by many to be a smaller but pivotal part of the whole safe checkout badge process.

Among other trust icons like the black and white secure checkout badge or the Shopify secure badge, free trust badges can do only good when being put the proper way below the purchasing form.

Shopify trust seal badges are the first ones you should think of putting on. Then you can implement more when it comes to paying with PayPal, Visa, and other options. Do not forget about the free trust badges.

They include information about the 100% satisfaction of the purchase, in most cases additional 30-day money-back guarantee, and pretty easy returns of the products that are bought.

There are even free trust badges assuring how “Premium” the quality of the service of product is, which gives more comfort while shopping from your store.

Getting free trust badges is only going to help. They do not cost any money like the SSL badge (also have free versions).

You can only invest a little time learning how to put a particular safe checkout badge on your shop and you are ready to go.

Of course, there are plenty of security badges for sale but do you need all of them? No, in most cases, you do not.  Focus on getting an SSL badge which we are going to discuss shortly.

Gather only the ones suitable for your online shop. If you are using Shopify, then make sure you are leading the pack with trust seals for Shopify.

A must, we consider, is the SSL badge. We mentioned above that card data and other pivotal elements are going through every payment, so assuring clients their information is safe is the key to higher conversions in the long term.

 The Shopify secure checkout is the primary thing here.  Not all trust icons are equally important. There is a difference from one seal badge to another.

But always make sure you pick up the essential ones for any online store and reap the benefits of your decision later.

Offering more than a safe checkout badge

Having a safe checkout badge on your online store is a huge step forward in the right direction.

But remember that many online shops are updating trust seals for Shopify and there are some problems with the purchase afterward.

If you do not want to be one of these merchants, you should check your web store, if there are problems with the SSL badge and functionality every week. Even daily.

Putting a seal badge or looking for security badges for sale will not fix any more problems if you think you should neglect the quality of your service and seamlessness of the purchase process.

Having a Shopify security badge, free trust badges, or a black and white secure checkout badge is all great but make sure you provide the utmost quality of service.  This can include additional services for the delivery notifications, test periods, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Final thoughts on guaranteed safe checkout

Eliminating fear and anxiety from the consciousness of clients when they purchase with the help of a Shopify security badge, an SSL badge and multiple other types of seal badge examples is a sure way to succeed in increasing conversion rates.

Not only that, adding additional free trust badges and perfecting your overall safe checkout badge information is crucial for attracting new customers and make them stay.

As we mentioned if you are using Shopify, then a Shopify trust seal badge is a must, also an SSL badge to make sure all data of your visitors is encrypted and stored accordingly.

Alongside the Shopify security badge, you can add a black and white secure checkout badge to ensure that all information, regulations, and terms are followed as they should.

With free trust badges or not, you should remind yourself that all thriving and selling online stores are using trust seals for Shopify and you should too.

Make sure you follow some leaders in the Shopify world and learn from them about adding a safe checkout badge that will make your shop trusted, loved by customers, and more converting.

Georgi Kondev is a copywriter and SEO specialist @ Rush — the most versatile Shopify Shipment Software. He is passionate about delivering outstanding copy and bringing real results to the table.

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