Explaining In Transit To Next Facility. The Definitive Guide

Explaining In Transit To Next Facility. The Definitive Guide

February 2, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions among customers nowadays when it comes to the delivery of their packages is: “What does in transit mean?” 

People are hearing the common thing: “The item is currently in transit to the destination”, but still have lots of questions. 

It is true customers do want to know more about the process of USPS in transit to next facility and what is going on exactly with their purchase — are there any problems, in transit arriving late, information errors like no access to delivery location. etc. 

If you type in “in transit to next facility” on Reddit, you won’t be able to count the threads of customers complaining about the status of their order:

in transit to next facility

These are all pretty normal shipping situations and we will take our time to give more tips on how to keep a track of your delivery and details about the in transit to next facility process.  

We will answer what does transit means, give additional steps to follow while the item is currently in transit to the destination, and be prepared for various situations.

The United States postal service (USPS) is more advanced than ever and offers multiple options to track the package while the item is currently in transit to the destination. 

So, as we have mentioned the term “tracking” several times, what does it mean? The answer is simple and plain — the USPS gives all customers the chance to follow the purchase and have an eye on all updates while the package is being transferred to the post office, for example.

Whether you are using the services of FedEx, UPS, DHL, among other global companies, or local ones, you have the opportunity to track your package and know what is going on with it at any given moment until it comes for delivery.

Let’s get to know more details about what in transit means and mention pivotal information that can help you with getting your package fast, easy, and safe.

What does in transit mean?

Seeing the message that your package is “in transit to next facility” means that the order is ready and on its way to delivery.

If you are using the services of USPS the status of the delivery can be changed with different messages like USPS awaiting item, USPS, pre-shipment, or being processed through the facility.

There are several stages of the whole process and we have to start with the founding one of them all — pre-shipment.

Pre-shipment In Transit to Next Facility

The pre-shipment process is happening at the beginning of the purchase. Right after the customer gives their information for delivery and clicks the “Purchase” button, the pre-shipment starts.

This means that all the information is just being received by the USPS or another company. You get the idea, that’s happening right before the process of in transit to next facility.

Sometimes this even means that the whole process hasn’t even started yet, as most of the companies have 24/7 support but arranging deliveries can proceed after the weekend or another day.

All arrangements are done in the process of pre-shipment. By doing this companies are arranging the product and when it is ready, they send it to USPS turning it directly into the next step of the transition.

Status: “Accepted”

The next step of the whole “puzzle” is when the purchase is accepted. From now on, the in transit to next facility mechanism starts working. 

As you can guess, the shipment has been transferred to USPS in person and the package’s processing is starting right away.

And here we come to the point customers are all waiting for — to see that their delivery is on the way, meaning in-transit or as some companies may call it “out for delivery”. 

In-Transit to Next Facility

The third step of the process happens when the package is on its way to the customer. Companies would also mark it as “the item is in transit to the destination”.

Being on the move, the package is supposed to reach the final destination by the deadline given by the delivery company.

Otherwise, if the package fails to deliver in the pointed timeline, at least the customer has the right to track the package and see what is going on along the way.

Our next step, which in most cases is not necessary, but can happen is the delivery delay that all customers hate.

“Alert” status and delivery delay (In Transit to Next Facility) 

When a purchase doesn’t come on time, this means that it is in transit arriving late.  Customers are mainly focusing on the negative side of the situation and questions start popping up in their heads.

If they are expecting the package to come to the local post office, they start checking the local post office number, if the post office is open on Sunday, and other unessential details that are only causing anxiety and even more questions.

There is no need to hurry. The companies are taking the risk when a package is in transit arriving late. The support staff is going to call you and assure you that everything is on point or your purchase is just being processed through facility.

If you have a USPS awaiting item and you are wondering when the shipment acceptance at the post office will happen, call the team that is delivering your goods and have a reasonable talk with them.

By doing this you are making the right step in knowing what is happening with your purchased goods.

Status: “Delivered” (In Transit to Next Facility)

Well, the moment we all have been waiting for. This is blissful for customers when their purchase is delivered on time.  

Starting from what in transit stands for, through receiving delivery notifications, all the way to the point of getting the package in your hands is a full-circle experience.

Yes, there may be bumps along the way, even if you are working with the best USPS regional destination facility.

Truth be told, there is no need to worry when the purchase is USPS in transit arriving late. After all, even if you wait a couple of days, you are going to get your package. That is for sure.

The situation can get a bit muddy if you keep track of your delivery and still have no information about it. A message like “Status not available” is what we are going to discuss in this next step.

Status: “Not Available” (In Transit to Next Facility)

It happens that sometimes customers do not have the information they need for their USPS in transit delivery that might be arriving late.

It can be frustrating at first but when you turn to the support staff, we are sure they will give you an accurate update on why your package in transit arriving late.

There are even more confusing situations. Sometimes USPS says “delivered” but no package is available when the customers go to receive theirs. This can lead to a lot of questions some of which are:

  • Can I pick up a package from USPS before delivery? /which is absurd but people are confused/
  • Where is my package, why haven’t I received it yet? /due to technical issues, the company can’t provide the delivery in the current deadline/
  • Why do I have USPS no access to the delivery location?

Even when the status is not available this does not necessarily mean that your package is not processed through facility. Maybe right for the moment, there is no current information but with the tendency to be updated soon.

Make sure you give your exact details when purchasing, sometimes clients are wondering why they are not receiving any updates and information on their delivery.

There are examples of people giving the wrong address, such as a departed USPS regional facility that is gone or moved to another location.

Make sure you get the USPS regional facility right.

Here are some “simple but pivotal” steps you can follow to do your part the proper way when purchasing and having the goods USPS in transit to the next facility:

  1.   Give accurate location details
  2.   Use Email notifications
  3.   Have and call the local post office number when it is needed

These are some of the most common problems you might face when the item is currently in transit to the destination.

When the process is done and your package is transferred to post office everything gets easier. In simple words, you can go and receive your goods from the USPS regional facility.

What to do when in transit is arriving late?

Let’s answer more common issues that are happening daily all over the world, not only with USPS in transit arriving late but with other companies delaying packages as well.

As a customer, you have the right to call your USPS regional facility and get all the answers you need. You can be sure that the customer support will check what is going on and if your goods are being processed through facility or have the package transferred to post office. 

Using software to track your USPS in transit to next facility is a smart move. It means you can have 24/7 control over the details for your package on most occasions.

Even when your purchase is in transit arriving late you will gather only actual information about it.

Some people are even asking this bizarre question: “Can I pick up a package from USPS before delivery confirmation?”

The real question here is: “Why would someone do that? Is it that urgent to have and can’t wait a couple of hours or days?

In most cases, people are not realizing how much pressure they are putting when using USPS in transit to next facility.

What does in transit mean USPS?

We are asking the question again because there are more details to point out, of course. Here are more occasions to think of when you try to answer what does in transit means with USPS. 

When USPS gives no access to delivery location in the messages, you can still call the team of the company and have all of these issues fixed fast.  

The probability the item is currently in transit for the destination is higher than you can expect. You might not have the proper tracking tool to use when following the course of your purchased goods. Why don’t you try Rush?

To be in transit means that even if you are not receiving data about where your package is it is sure that the item is currently in transit to the destination given.  You do not have to worry about the delivery process.

There is also another possibility — that your package is transferred to post office and you can get it from there.

These are possibilities that may occur while your USPS package is in transit arriving late. The answer to the question “What does in transit mean USPS?” is simple but the process is long and more complicated.

The companies are going through many stages before your package comes.

Wrapping In Transit To Next Facility

In transit to next facility, problems may occur at all times when goods are being transferred to different locations.

Transport may break, especially if it is loaded with bigger quantities of products. That is pretty understandable.

Have in mind that you can help yourself with tracking software and always have a glimpse of where your goods are and in what part of the in-transit process.

Sometimes it is possible for USPS to say the package is delivered but no package to be present at all.

Understand that USPS in transit arriving late is a common problem and no force can change it if there is a tough situation and the team is not prepared.

The United States postal service is not only reliable but among the best companies for deliveries of different sizes and shapes.

Choosing them to do the work for you can be assured enough that the item is currently in transit to the destination. 

It just happens that with the millions of packages transferred to post office there might be delays and mistakes which are easy to fix if you call the support team and explain your situation.

Look out for these steps and you can be more prepared for different situations when they arise in cases when the item is in transit to the destination. Also, being impatient will not help. 

Let it be and if there are any further complications during the in transit to next facility process, you can clear them out with the team of USPS.

Georgi Kondev is a copywriter and SEO specialist @ Rush — the most versatile Shopify Shipment Software. He is passionate about delivering outstanding copy and bringing real results to the table.

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