How to Claim а Shopify Free Trial in 2021? Steps and Options For a Shopify Extended Free Trial

How to Claim а Shopify Free Trial in 2021? Steps and Options For a Shopify Extended Free Trial

February 3, 2021

Source: Shopify

Like all online businesses, everyone has started small somewhere. Upcoming merchants who want to take it to the next level try different online platforms for selling but one thing is a fact: “Shopify is still unbeatable when it comes to user preference and opportunities to grow a long-lasting online business.”

Shopify, for example, offered free trials 2020 and a ton of features. Multiple free Shopify trials were available such as a 30 day Shopify trial, Shopify 60 day trial, Shopify 21 day trial, the well-known to most merchants Shopify 14 day trial, Shopify extended trial, a free Shopify account, and options on how to cancel Shopify free trial.

With all of these free Shopify trials being available in 2020, this year in 2021 the situation is a bit more restricted.

Although we are in the middle of a pandemic, the Shopify Covid situation changed a lot and we will talk about it later in the article.  It is harder to find a Shopify 30 day trial these days, isn’t it?

We are going to answer pivotal questions that will concern any starting merchant on Shopify in 2021, some of which are:

  • How to claim a Shopify free trial in 2021?
  • How long is 90 days with Shopify?
  • Is Shopify free?
  • …and respectively “How to get Shopify for free?”
  • What happens when the Shopify trial ends?
  • How to cancel Shopify free trial?

There is so much more to answer about free Shopify trials and how to get the most of it before launching your actual online store.

 Like many other apps with free trials, there would be only one thing that’s almost impossible to get — an unlimited Shopify trial. All free Shopify trials must come to an end sometime. That’s how business goes and Shopify free is no exception.

Speaking of Shopify free trials, the most common and available in 2021 is the Shopify 14 day trial.

Some merchants do not need more time to figure Shopify free out and trying to convert 14 day option might be ideal for their needs.

Of course, others might need more than a Shopify 14 day trial. They could try a Shopify 60 day trial, 30 day Shopify trial, the Shopify 90 day free trial before setting up their free Shopify account.

Not so long ago, merchants could find offers for a Shopify 45 day trial, Shopify 21 day trial or an option to extend Shopify trial.

Whether a Shopify trial extension is needed or not, one thing can be for sure — with the opportunity the platform gives, you can use the Shopify Covid plans in 2021 to sell online.

The standard version of the free Shopify trial

Let’s answer the questions all of you desire to know: “Is Shopify free?” or  “is the Shopify extended trial worth it?”

Yes, for a limited period, there are free Shopify trials that allow the merchants to get familiar with the platform and try out their free Shopify account.  

More information about the pricing of Shopify can be found on their website. The same is applicable for the Shopify extended trial.

Source: ChinaBrands

But let’s get back to the standard version and “most common”, known as the Shopify 14 day trial.

Giving access to try out the platform for two weeks, before starting their active monthly pricing plan, the Shopify 14 day trial is ideal for fast learners and people who can get familiar with it in no time and then set up their online store.

The Shopify 14 day trial starts right after you set up your free Shopify account.  If more time is needed, merchants can apply for a Shopify trial extension.

Remember, after the final hour of the Shopify 14 day trial ticks out, you have to commit to a monthly plan. In case you haven’t decided yet, free Shopify will cancel your options to work and try until you do so.

If you take no action for a while with your Shopify 14 day trial, the platform will delete your account. Or you can cancel Shopify free trial if you think it is not meant for you.

 Now let’s proceed with another famous but currently unavailable option — the 30 day Shopify trial.

Shopify 30 day free trial (No longer available)

For better or worse, the Shopify 30 day free trial is no longer available. It was popular in 2019 and since then, the Shopify 30 day trial is only a memory for those who had the chance to use it.

We can be only jealous of those who could try it free for 30 days.

What’s better than a Shopify 14 day trial? The answer is a 30 day Shopify trial, of course.  The Shopify 30 day trial can give you a lot of benefits.

Imagine having two more weeks plus of your Shopify 14 day trial more.  Creating your free Shopify account and having more time to explore and try during the 30 day Shopify trial.

Getting a Shopify 30 day trial could happen if there is a “third party” involved in the process. What does this mean and how it is possible to try it free for 30 days?

Subscribing to another service might be the answer to getting a 30 day Shopify trial.

Enough with the Shopify 30 day free trial, let’s proceed with another option that some consider still possible — the Shopify 21 day trial.

Expanding to a 21 day Shopify trial

Like many platforms and apps with free trials, you can expand your Shopify 14 day trial with 7 days more and get an amazing 21 day Shopify trial. You just have to contact the support team and request a Shopify trial extension.

Having 7 days extra on your Shopify 14 day trial can lead to a broader understanding of the platform and gaining knowledge of using tools on setting your free Shopify store. 

Despite being available in free trials in 2020, the feature can still be used in 2021. Go for the Shopify 21 day trial, it is worth it. Along with a branded tracking page, you can achieve mesmerizing results.

Let’s double and even triple up the free Shopify trial period and talk about something more than just a Shopify 21 day trial.

Less than a 30 day Shopify trial and more than a “classic” Shopify 14 day trial, this one might be the suitable choice for many merchants.

We are heading straight to the 60 day Shopify trial, as some refer to it as the best “Shopify extended trial”.

Shopify 60 day free trial still available?

Sadly, the 60 day Shopify trial is no longer possible.  In 2019 merchants could use a Shopify trial 60 days before it expired and then start their subscription.

Doubling the amount of time of the 30 day Shopify trial, the Shopify 60 day free trial could offer more time for merchants to explore the platform, get used to it, and combine it with other apps with free trials, such as the ones tracking purchases, plugins and e-commerce ones that make it easier to set up a free Shopify store.

A lot of starting merchants are still looking for a Shopify 60 day free trial but it is impossible to find. Not only because it is one of the finest Shopify extended trials but it is an efficient one as well.

Beware of scammers in the digital world that are claiming to provide a 60 day trial in Shopify.  If it is not advertised by the team of Shopify, then you can’t just convert 60 days.

Stick to a 30 day Shopify trial or a Shopify 14 day trial. At least they are available at the moment.

To those who did try it for 30 days, we can say: “Bravo! You grasped a better deal than the Shopify 21 day trial.”

Moving on from the Shopify 60 day free trial straight to the glorious 90 day trial or as it was advertised as “the Shopify 90 day free trial”.

How long is 90 days? Is a 90 day trial period enough?

An obvious answer would be “three times more than a Shopify 30 day trial”.

The 90 day trial period was just enough for any merchant to get the maximum of Shopify free.

Of course, at the moment it is unavailable, but it was in the burst of the pandemic. The whole Shopify Covid relation started as more shops were closing in 2020 during the tougher months from March to June.

Source: Shopify – Covid-19

Of course, the 90 day trial period does not mean a Shopify unlimited trial but it was more in the form of a Shopify extended free trial. You could convert 90 days for free.

There’s no need to answer how to get Shopify free for 90 days because this Shopify extended trial is no longer available. Do you feel the urge to extend Shopify trial?

The truth is anyone could try Shopify free for 30 days or use a Shopify 21 day trial and if both these periods were not enough, they could extend Shopify trial with an additional free Shopify 2 month trial.

As far as this free Shopify extend trial was pivotal for merchants, we can say the time is “even too much” to convert 90 days.

The platform gave a huge opportunity for offline businesses to create their free Shopify account. The free Shopify store was perfect for them to decide whether they can compete and sell their goods online.

Even for the ones that encounter the online business niche for the first time, a 90 day trial period might be “too long”.  What is the issue with them trying it free for 30 days and tell if it’s right for them?

To us, the whole Shopify trial extension to a 90 day trial period was a well-played marketing move to engage more people.

After June 1st the long 90 day trial period was canceled by Shopify and it turned back the roots — the good old Shopify 14 day trial.

As we mentioned above, the whole Shopify Covid relation was built on the inability of millions of offline businesses to sell their goods. It was possible to convert 90 days without any payment.

The answer was simple. Try and go for a 90 day trial period. This is honestly, a Shopify 2 month trial “too much”. Even more inexperienced merchants can tell if they will use and expand their free Shopify store or not. It can happen after a Shopify 30 day trial.

A 60 day trial Shopify period might be the “perfect balance” to get your priorities right. No need for more time to decide. Some of you might consider less time such as the Shopify 21 day trial.

Of course, if you do not think it is the proper platform for you, you can always cancel Shopify free trial for good.

That’s about the 90 day trial period and the Shopify Covid relation from last year.

If you need to find more advanced answers on how long is 90 days, how to convert 90 days, how to get Shopify for free or how to cancel Shopify free trial, you can get it on their FAQ page.

Joining the Shopify Partner Program to extend Shopify trial

The Shopify extended free trial can be fueled by another smart move you can make — team up with a partner in Shopify free.

Most Shopify free partners are experts in the field and they can help you not only to extend Shopify trial but to set up more apps with free trials, convert 90 days and advance in your overall Shopify trial experience.  Additional apps with delivery notifications can help, too.

You can use as much time as you need and the Shopify extend trial gets longer than a basic Shopify 14 day trial. This means you can get options such as:

  • Shopify 30 day trial
  • Shopify 21 day trial
  • Shopify trial 60 days /another Shopify 2 month trial/
  • Many apps with free trials
  • 90 day trial period / the well-known to many “Shopify 90 day free trial/

After getting all of this time you need, why would someone need to know how to cancel Shopify free trial? You can set up your free Shopify account and start your free Shopify store from scratch. Isn’t it amazing?

Do you need a longer Shopify Free Trial?

You can try it free for 30 days or apply for a Shopify extended trial as many merchants do.

With so many apps with free trials, you might need a while to explore all the content the platform offers you.

In most cases, a Shopify 14 day trial will not be enough to experience all the apps with free trials. That’s a fact.

It doesn’t matter if you want to make improvements to your categories, design, payment methods, or media content, you will need to spend a while learning how to do that.

Combining the knowledge with triggered shipment notifications you can achieve outstanding results.

The Shopify extended free trial is perfect for those of you who might have more time.

Get the most of the free Shopify extend trial to boost your skills and knowledge with a 90 day trial period if it is needed, Shopify 60 day free trial, or the Shopify 30 day free trial. It will be worth it.

In the end, you do not need to rush at anything. A Shopify 14 day trial does not seem like enough? Or a Shopify 21 day trial is not, too?

Starting a free Shopify store is a long process that takes responsibility, skills, and another 30 day free trial might be exactly what you need. Maybe a 90 day trial period? It’s up to you.

A Shopify extended free trial is meant to teach you and guide you on how to deal with all apps with free trials on the platform.

After you master the skills of building a free Shopify store, you can subscribe and start selling.

In the end, you will not want to know how to cancel Shopify free trial. You will dive into it.


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